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I purchased a set of Michelin tires.12000 miles ago.

They suck. Do not purchase tires at Costco either. They do carry the stock on hand to replace warranty issues. I have experienced nothing but problems with these over priced tires.

Buy other tires. Michelin does not care about the customer. If you buy Michelins . Bend over cause you are screwed.

I have had Michelins before. These tires are worst performing tire I have ever owned. I called the toll free number provided with the paper work.

I only heard a ton of phony excuses.I was hung up on as well.

Review about: Michelin Tires Tires.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Peoria, Arizona, United States #1230428

Bend over because you are screwed!You took the words right out of my mouth Spokane.

I spent a grand on four Michelin "Cross Terrain" A/S p235/70R16 radial tires at Costco in August 2010. They were for a 2004 Ford Explorer I inherited. Fast Forward six years, 2 weeks, and 22,681 miles and they have become unsafe, dangerous, and two of them wont hold air for very long. These were 60,000 mi rated tires that had at least 50% of the original tread left on them!

Went to Costco to get the story and was told sorry but the tire cannot be repaired and that there would be no adjustment given because they were out of warranty by 15 days. -the shop guy briskly trotted away from me in the parking lot. what the ***? I can accept the warranty being up and all but I wanted to know what he knew and wasnt going to say.

But nooooo, I was basically encouraged to check the current selection and brushed off. In my 40+ years of replacing tires on vehicles I have never encountered having to replace tires due to deterioration of the sidewall and not the tread wearing out. Michelin is not making the product they once used to and in my experience they wouldnt even be sufficient for a tire swing!

Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me.Michelin tires - never again Costco tire department - never again.


I'm Having tread chunking issues as well.

32000 miles and they tell me it's normal for chunks of rubber to fly off my tires!!!


Very similar to my experience. In the past, good tires good service, but in last 10 years, bad tires, no service, refuse to honor warranty, even when tires that failed were clearly under the terms of the warranty.

Not the Michelin company of old

Deland, Florida, United States #671902

I purchased 6 new Michelin tires for my Dodge dually. With more than one year left on the warranty the sidewalls have gaping cracks on both sides of the tires and in every area of the tires. I only have 15,000 miles on this set of $1,400.00 tires and Michelin only wants to give me a 30% credit. These tires still have 11/32 tread wear which is about the same as new.

I will and you should NEVER NEVER NEVER purchase another Michelin Tire. The dealer I bought them from told me that they won't even call Michelin about a warranty issue because Michelin sucks so bad on warranty issues. What a nightmare this has become.

I will replace them with a Cooper or other tire that does not have sidewall issues. Michelin is going to get a lot of people killed when the sidewalls start blowing out.

I can't believe how loyal I have been to overpriced Michelin over the years. I think the more a company spends on advertising the worst they are at taking care of the customer and warranty issues. They just advertise some more and get more suckers to buy.

Michelin Man Screwed me!


Have gone through three sets of Michelin Tires in 53,000 miles on the

2008 Camry V6 SE.

Primacy MXV4

Pilot Sport a/s plus

Pilot HX MXM

My opinion is that they are way overpriced and hyped and not what Michelin used to be. Also there warrenty service is lousy and a pain in the ***.

My previous car was a 1998 toyota Camry V6 LX and I ran Michelins and prices then were alot less and the tires were better in every way.

I now have Uniroyal GTZ tires and they are much Better and Cheaper, they are made in the USA. Ironically Michelin ownes Unyroyal.

I feel totally ripped off, no more Michelin Brand Tires for me.


Try having tons of Michelin tires that have been put on RV's OEM dry rot within 15mo of being in the sun. Goodyear and others dont do it!!! Michelin will do nothing about it!Consumers are loosing $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ each year.


I phoned (YCH) your consumer help line to find out what happened to my 2 tires that failed within 3 months.

Your consumer helpline was an absolute failure. By the end of our conversation during which YCH phoned Sears "for awnsers", gave me these awnsers,

1) I cannot tell you why our tires failed.

2) We do not give you information why our tires failed.

3) I Cannot tell you who to talk to about why our tires failed.

4) I cannot do anything for you about our tire failures.

5) Sears said I was given 50% credit for 2/3 of tread (of very careful driving) so $130 to replace a $200 seemed fair.

6) Michelin has NO POLICY to track problems with their tires for public knowledge. So I MAY NOT find out why "MY" tires failed.

7) That tire has been discontinued.

8) There is no information available on why it was discontinued.

9) We do not supply consumers with information on defective tires.

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